Property. Retired. Retirement. Downsizing. Pension. Seniors Card. Lifestyle Village.

If these words have crossed your mind at least once recently, then you have come to the right place.

As we reluctantly confess to having at least one birthday that has a number 5 in front, we are possibly at our most comfortable.

We are not as stressed, our children may have left home, or are close to it, we know what we like and what we don’t like, retirement is no longer something for ‘way down the track’ or in the very distant future, but something we are starting to take an interest in or have already done.

We are thinking about what we want to do, travel the world, travel the country with other grey nomads, move to the beach house, the weekender, or make a radical change and move overseas or interstate.

We know that we don’t want to carry our mortgage into retirement. We know that any real estate decisions need to be made with a great deal of consideration. Property is expensive and when you are living on your retirement funds, a mistake can be financially devastating.

What are our options? Finding out before you want to retire, whilst you still have solid choices is a wise move.

Having the right people, the right experts becomes more important. Experts such as your financial planner, your accountant and your real estate advocate.

Okay, the first two are a given but why do you need a real estate advocate?

A property advocate works for you, without any conflicts of interest, they guide you, advise you and don’t push you where you don’t want to go, well, that’s how I advocate.

If you are Buying or Selling property, either your own or as an Executor, then I can help. I work with residential homes, the home you live in, the vacation home or perhaps you bought a home with a view to living in it once you retired and have been renting it out.

Let’s have a chat and see how best I can help you.

Why is Carol a different kind of real estate advocate?

Helping you, guiding you

Buying, Selling, Buying and Selling. Stress, Overwhelm, Money, Time.

Let me help you along this journey. I provide informed, compassionate, advice and assistance without conflict of interest or bias.

Your Choices, independence, by your side and on your side. Always


Buying your next home may be something you have done once, rarely or many times. My role is to guide you through the process, ensuring that the transition is smooth and you are fully informed along the way. 

Think of it as having a voice of experience, working for you, working with you, taking you through each progressive step of the moving house transition. 

The focus is on you. 

Stronger together, focus on you


Are you a Frequent Seller, a Sometimes Seller or a Never Seller?

As a Frequent Seller, you wont need much guidance, you have travelled the path before. However, if you need assistance with some aspect then I can help you out. 

A Sometimes Seller may mean that you have sold before, and need the confidence of a sometimes guide…

Life in transition or getting prepared

Preparing for your life in retirement should start earlier than most of us are prepared for. BAM! Suddenly we are 50 and then BOOM, 60 is upon us.

Understanding your life in transition and getting prepared to downsize (reduce the size of your home, life etc) is a journey in itself.

Preparing for your life in retirement

A Beneficiary or Executor of an Estate

Saying ‘YES’ to being the Executor of an Estate is easier than actually having to be the Executor of an Estate. You are dealing with all the legal stuff, the assets AND you are dealing with the Beneficiaries – you may even be one of the beneficiaries

Who can you talk to, who will understand particularly when it comes to selling any real estate? From investment properties to the vacation home to the family home, it can be complicated

Untangling, decluttering, doing the right thing as the Executor, and getting the best outcome for the Estate is something I can help you with. I have helped many Executors and Beneficiaries over the years and being independent of family is a role I am comfortable with.

“Carol did a tremendous job of keeping us informed, she went beyond what was expected by ensuring there was always ways of ensuring visitations and follow up, and would highly recommend her to other prospective sellers.”

Seller, Olinda Victoria